To Do List

My “to do” list consists of a variety of things.  Things that seem necessary to remember at the time.  Get the oil changed in the car.  Put the empty water bottles out.  Check the mail.  Pay the bills.  Go to the grocery store.  Make a hair appointment.  Take son to get a haircut.  Put in for time off at work.  Reschedule meeting with child’s teacher.  Water plants (they are dying).  Finish craft project.

These are just some of the things on my list, but one day I added three things right in the middle of my list that caught me off guard.

  1. SMILE
  3. RELAX

Believe it or not, I forget to do all three of these.  In talking to other people I have realized that I am not the only one.

So, my challenge to you is to add a few things to your “to do” list that you need to do, but never take out the time to do.  Simple things, really.  Things that are so obvious.  Things that will do you some good. Which reminds me, I need to steam my floors, fold some clothes, and get ready for work.  Bye for now (smile)!



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