I’m only human

I don’t always consider the feelings of others.  Sometimes I am selfish.  Oftentimes I wonder why me.  A lot of times I throw pity parties.  Usually I point out fault in others.  When someone is rude to me, deep inside I want to return the favor.  Sometimes I wait for strangers to speak before I say anything.  I fear people at times because some of them seem evil.  At other times I just want to hug people because I think all they need is a little love.  I think people often look at me and see someone who is cold-hearted, but at other times they see a woman full of joy.  I have seen people smile at one person and immediately turn to another person and offer a frown.  I am only human, so maybe this is the reason for my actions.  I try to control my emotions but sometimes fail.  I have good intentions but my actions do not always line up.  I want to love everybody, but some people I just cannot stand.  They seem like a big horse pill that I don’t want to swallow.  I am only human.  Some people seem to be so nice and kind and sweet; just perfect.  But what do they really feel on the inside?  Do they wrestle with emotions like I do? Are they only human too?



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