I’m real…I’m raw

This entry is about my pain.  We all experience pain.  To be honest, I would much rather deal with physical pain than emotional pain.  Any way, I’ll share this with you.

My Pain

I have once heard it said, that you should not write from a place of pain.

Well, I guess I should not write at all.  Because pain is all I feel right now.

Pain so deep that I cannot comprehend…why I am still here.

I feel the need to share; to let others know.  The pain is real.

Sometimes all I have is silence.  Sometimes I mask the pain.

Sometimes it is written all over my face.

Sometimes I feed it, breathe it, and sometimes I cannot bear it.

This pain…sometimes I do not think I can carry it.

Sometimes I am numb to it.  I do not feel it.  Sometimes I wonder; God? Why don’t you steal it?

Away.  This pain…just make it go…away.


Can you relate?

There is something that you really want to do, but the timing is not perfect.  You don’t have enough people in your corner.  The voice in your head is not loud enough. You don’t have a solid plan.  Someone, somewhere in the world actually has the same idea…and they are doing it better.  The “what-ifs” are weighing you down.  Is it even worth trying? If you can’t stop thinking about it and somewhere deep inside you feel that what you have will benefit someone else…GO FOR IT!  Yes, you should go for it.  I’m sure you can relate.