Scary Dreams

I have them on a daily basis, on any given day.  Sometimes it is hard to breath.  Hard to focus.  Difficult to ignore.  What am I talking about? Scary dreams.  What makes them so scary though? The thought that they could really come true? Or the hard work that will come along with it? Or the fear of the process? I think it is a little bit of everything.

What if you fall flat on your face? What if your dreams don’t matter? What if nobody cares about what you have to say? What if somebody has already said this before? What if you are not the full package? What if you cannot afford your dream? What do you do when people tell you that you can’t? When you fail, how can you gain the courage to give it another shot? Why can’t you just “do it” already? Why do your dreams seem so scary?

Just to get down to the bottom of it, you are not afraid.  You know you can do this.  You have so many ideas that it is ridiculous.  What you have to say is important.  As little as you have, somebody else needs it.  As small as you feel, you can still make a huge impact.  Do you know what your problem is? You worry too much and act too little.  Do you know what your other problem is? You are still dreaming.

It is time for you to move out of your comfort zone and jump into what you fear most.  It is the only way to stop the scary dreams.  Then you will realize that the moment you dreamed was the moment that you already had all that was necessary to succeed.  What you will accomplish is going to be so amazing.  Mark this down as the day you stopped having scary dreams!


I’m losing my (cluttered) mind!

Finally, something I should have taken care of long ag0.

My cluttered mind is equivalent to old garbage left in the house for an extended period. It smells in here.

Where do I start? Okay, I’m wiping the slate clean.

There will be no sweeping trash into the corners (of my mind) and coming back for it later.

This filth has to go now.

I’m coming through with my big, black garbage bag…discarding all negative thoughts, dusting off all the “some day” ideas…

wiping the window of my soul to clearly see the visions of my future.

As always, spread love…it’s perfect!