I just want…

It may seem selfish, but I just want all the people who love me to tell me while I can still hear them.  I want to be given flowers while I can still see and smell them.  I want to feel warm embraces from the ones I love, rather than have them leaning over my casket wishing they could hug me.  I want to hear how important I am and how loved I am while I am still here.  I want to be told how I put a smile on someone’s face or how I brightened their day.  I want to be told how I made the world a better place, while I am still here.  I do not want there to be any “ifs” left to grace the pages of my obituary.  I just want to hear all of the good things about me from people who will probably never tell me to my face.  How would a person’s life change for the better if they knew just how special they were?


Maya The Great! (In Memory of Dr. Maya Angelou)

This post is dedicated to Maya Angelou.  I never had the honor of meeting her but she was definitely an inspiration.  Just hearing her speak made me want to write down all of my thoughts.  I felt that maybe one day I would write something that the whole world would want to read, just as she did.  I could sit and listen to Maya’s poems…hanging on every word.  There’s no denying the lady was brilliant.  She overcame so much in her life and became something so great.  She has left a mark on my life because now I am crazy enough to believe that I can be great too.  Dr. Maya Angelou, may you rest in peace!