Maya The Great! (In Memory of Dr. Maya Angelou)

This post is dedicated to Maya Angelou.  I never had the honor of meeting her but she was definitely an inspiration.  Just hearing her speak made me want to write down all of my thoughts.  I felt that maybe one day I would write something that the whole world would want to read, just as she did.  I could sit and listen to Maya’s poems…hanging on every word.  There’s no denying the lady was brilliant.  She overcame so much in her life and became something so great.  She has left a mark on my life because now I am crazy enough to believe that I can be great too.  Dr. Maya Angelou, may you rest in peace!


To Do List

My “to do” list consists of a variety of things.  Things that seem necessary to remember at the time.  Get the oil changed in the car.  Put the empty water bottles out.  Check the mail.  Pay the bills.  Go to the grocery store.  Make a hair appointment.  Take son to get a haircut.  Put in for time off at work.  Reschedule meeting with child’s teacher.  Water plants (they are dying).  Finish craft project.

These are just some of the things on my list, but one day I added three things right in the middle of my list that caught me off guard. Continue reading

When I figure it out…

Sitting here… feeling frustrated with the direction in which my life is going.  I just can’t figure it (life) out.  How many people have figured it out? We can receive advice but who really has all of the answers? I keep telling myself that one day I will figure it out.  Some days I feel the answers to all the questions in my life are close to being answered.  But suddenly I find myself back at square one.  Just because I haven’t figured it all out does not mean that I don’t have anything to give; my vision is just not as clear as it once was.  I feel out of place but I will not veer off of the path I am on.  I just happen to be going through a rough patch, but things will get better.  So I guess that is my message to you (if it applies).  I don’t think any one person will ever completely figure life out, but maybe things will become clear and work out in the end.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Smile : )

Jump In!

You didn’t get off on the wrong foot.  You are not a failure.  It’s not too late.  Keep the faith.  Don’t give up.  Everything will be alright.  Take a leap of faith.  Follow your heart.  Live your dreams.  Jump in! Even the best of the best make mistakes.  Nobody is perfect.  Everyone has doubted themselves at one time or another.  You can’t give up on yourself.  Please don’t.  Take one day at a time.  This is simple, but I am sure that someone needs to hear this.  Jump in! You don’t realize how great you are now but you have to keep pushing to find out.  You can be as good as the greatest if you jump into your purpose and follow through.  I’m jumping in and following through with my dreams.  I will not quit.  I will not allow temporary discomfort to permanently cancel my destiny and you shouldn’t either.  Jump in!

Take a sip!

Pour yourself a cup of joy and take a sip.  Sip on it all day like a cup of fresh-brewed coffee, sun-soaked tea, or a tall glass of lemonade.  Take a minute to slip away from today’s drama and focus on what is really important.  Put a smile on your face that makes those around you uncomfortable frowning.  In the midst of it all find a little bit of peace; it does exist ; )

How you love me…

I’m doing this. I’m not going to quit this time. If I don’t do this, I will die. When I don’t share my heart with others, I feel like I’m decaying inside. So, I’m going to share this with whoever may find my blog and put my mind at ease.

How you love me…

I know He loves me. He knows that I love the rain; that it calms my nerves and brings me peace. Every drop feels like His love covering me. I know He loves me… He wanted me to be stress-free, so He woke me up before the break of day, to sit in the rain.

When He sends the rain, every drop is a comforting word being spoken over my life by Him. Even when lightning flashes and thunder roars, I still feel the peace in the rain.

No longer do I wonder why it doesn’t rain more often; I just learn to soak in every drop when it comes.